MScPT, BSc.Kin (Hons)  

James is a registered physiotherapist focused on providing personalized quality care for his patients. James received his Master of Science Physiotherapy degree from McMaster University. He holds a bachelors of science (Hons.) from McMaster University and a Masters of Disability Studies from Brock University. He is well equipped with strong problem-solving skills and has a keen understanding of the fundamentals of human movement.


James’ practice places a strong emphasis on manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to help address various neuromusculoskeletal conditions. He believes in lifelong learning and is pursuing his interests of strength & conditioning, specialized manual therapy techniques, and sports injury management. He has helped athletes of all levels and is continuing to seek out opportunities that will hone his skills as a physiotherapist. James has experience treating clients pre- and post- surgery, or with amputation, stroke, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.

On weekends, James enjoys to play with his recreational basketball team. He has been involved in various competitive sports including swimming, tennis, badminton, and soccer. He believes an active lifestyle is an essential ingredient to a healthier life.

James Chung

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MscPT, BSc.Kin (Hons)


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