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The well-being of our patients is of our utmost priority at

Unionville and Northville.

During this time, we will be opening our clinics to serve patients with emergency/acute pain as per the guidelines from our respective colleges. 

The front staff will be actively in contact with each scheduled patient to perform initial screenings.

We are asking that our patients please take the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Social distancing:
To decrease traffic in the office, please do not bring additional family member/friend to your appointment, unless it is necessary. 

When you arrive: 
Please help us minimize the chance of the virus spread by washing your hands before and after your appointment.  

Infection Control:
As our practice is hands-on, we will be wiping down all our surfaces (chiropractic tables, massage tables, door desks, etc.) after every patient. . 

If you have traveled anywhere in the past 2 weeks or 
If you have come into contact with anyone who has travelled in the past 2 weeks:

Please DO NOT come into the clinic, and notify us immediately. As symptoms of the virus can take up to 2 weeks to manifest, we are taking extreme caution to limit and prevent the spread of the disease. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms or
If you have come into contact with someone experiencing any symptoms:

Please DO NOT come into the clinic, and notify us immediately. During this time period, we will be waiving the cancellation policy. We strongly urge that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, please call Public Health Ontario at 1-877-543-8931

The following are symptoms:

  • fever 

  • cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath

  • persistent pain or pressure in the chest

  • runny nose

  • sore throat

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