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Our Services

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, we help our patients reach their optimal level of health and wellness.

Other Services

We take pride in being able to offer a variety of therapeutic and evidence-based services.
Class IV K-Laser

The Class IV K-Laser stimulates a deeper healing process by increasing blood circulation, enhancing tissue repair, and reducing swelling and pain. It's commonly used for chronic back and neck pain, lower back pain, sports injuries, and other musculoskeletal conditions.


Acupuncture is a traditional form of treatment that uses needles to affect the muscles, joints, and connective tissues in the body. With the aid of electrical simulation, the nervous system is activate. Through research, this has shown to be effective in promoting relaxation, circulation, and decreasing muscle tension and pain.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings help to increase the blood flow in your legs, while preventing pain and swelling. Commonly used for comfort, sports, and medical prevention, we help you measure the specific size you need to get the appropriate level of compression. The stockings can help address a variety of concerns such as varicose veins or sports injuries.

Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is a patented form of soft tissue therapy that enhances detection and treatment of scar tissue and restrictions that may affect normal function. The stainless steel instrument identifies restrictions  and "catches" the scar tissue. It is used to break up the scar tissue so it can be later absorbed by the body.

Custom Orthotics

Our orthotics are custom-made inserts to fit your unique foot shape. After determining what custom orthotic you need, they're casted right in the clinic by our chiropractors or chiropodist. Custom orthotics can provide the proper support and stability from the ground-up.

Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic risk may play a factor in repetitive strain injuries and long term disabilities. An ergonomic assessment identifies the potential behavioral, administrative, and workstation components of ergonomic risk and provides recommendations designed to correct and prevent injuries.

Deep Pool Aquatherapy

Partnering with the City of Markham, our aquatherapy program allows our patients to perform a variety of cardiovascular and resistance exercises in the deep pool. Suspended by a special flotation device (aquajogger), patients are up to 90% buoyant in the water. This allows exercises to be performed with no added impact on the joints.

Our clinic accepts majority of Canadian extended health coverage insurance providers.
Our front staff help you submit on the day of your visit to make sure
you get reimbursed in a timely manner.
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