Shahrzad Ebrahimi

Shahrzad received a specialized honors degree in Kinesiology from York University.

While studying kinesiology and attending clinical settings she observed people suffering from different varieties of musculoskeletal pains with limitations which inspired her to take initiatives to study osteopathy.

To follow her lifelong passion of helping people who suffer from musculoskeletal pains and injuries she decided to continue her education at National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto to become a manual osteopathic practitioner. Her goal is help patients to become pain free and provide them the best rehabilitation treatment plan.


She completed her research and thesis on how osteopathic treatments help patients with sciatica pain. Her focus is to strengthen the patient’s joints, muscles and musculoskeletal framework through osteopathic joint mobilization techniques, osteopathic muscle energy techniques and soft tissue manipulations.

She is very passionate about providing an exceptional osteopathic treatment to patients to help them experience a better quality of life by decreasing their pain level, muscle stiffness/spasm and joint restrictions as well as increasing their range of motion, increasing their functional ability and improving their overall health.

She graduated with an excellent grade and is a member of Osteopathy chronic pain clinics of Canada (OCPCC) as well as Alliance Canadienne Medecine Alternative association(ACMA) and registered with College of Registered Manual Osteopaths of Canada (CRMO).


She is also certified in Kinesiology taping and a certified Bioflex laser therapist

BSc kin, RMO, DOMP
Osteopathic Practitioner


  • English