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"Exploring the Potential Synergistic Effects: Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation and Gabapentin"

What is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant, anti-epileptic medication which is often used as a first-line therapy for neuropathic (nerve-related) pain.

"Gabapentin, opioids and benzodiazepines are similarly not recommended by several clinical practice guidelines for acute LBP (Low back pain)" Trager RJ, Cupler ZA, Srinivasan R, et al

What is radicular back pain (rLBP)?

Radicular low back pain is known as pain traveling down the leg.

The results of this study showed that rLBP patients who were initially treated with chiropractic care were less likely to receive a gabapentin prescription.

It suggests that patients with rLBP should seek out non-pharmalogical treatment first (chiropractic care, physiotherapy, etc.).


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